About Us

Thank you for making Window Wire one of the fastest growing Home Improvement Companies in the United States! Apparently there are a whole lot of people like us, who want a hassle free online shopping experience for replacement windows. We're certainly very grateful for your business.

Window Wire was founded in 2018 but only after 2 years of careful research, planning, and development, Window Wire was officially launched in early 2020. Thanks to the low pricing inherent to an ecommerce store and the ability to quickly and easily shop for windows online; Window Wire is quickly spreading it's service area across the country in an effort to keep up with demand.

Window Wire is passionate about keeping our costs low and your experience hassle-free. We started Window Wire to address the inherent problems with the replacement window industry. There are 3 main types of contractors and each type can come with it's own set of problems and concerns.

First, there are the smaller carpenters. These companies usually don't replace windows every day and therefore are simply not experts. They may not realize to add a drip cap if you have a stucco house. That's just one of a thousand examples that an experienced window installer will instinctively know. 

The second type of company is a window specialist but lures you in with really low prices... then by the time you add a decent glass package, capping, and installation; they quickly become very expensive... and if they price still seems reasonable, beware that they may still be using an outdated, mechanically fastened window or other subpar materials.

The third type of company is also a window specialist but these companies are just plain expensive. They refuse to give you a ballpark over the phone or on their website. These companies use very sophisticated sales techniques to give you the impression that their window; and only their window, is made up some magical material (or some other story) that helps to justify their 300% markup. These companies have to charge so much to help pay for their in-home salespersons, canvassing crews, telemarketing centers, etc.

The team at Window Wire has well over 20 years in the replacement window industry. We know windows and more importantly, we know the best windows for real world, everyday use. Would you find more value in a window with a slim-line frame and more glass area -OR- less glass area with a thick, chunky frame made of a material developed by NASA?

Yeah, we would rather have more glass too. That's why we partnered with Alside for their Mezzo replacement window. It is the perfect blend of energy performance, esthetics, and functionality. Every Mezzo window comes with one the slimmest window frames available. The standard "No Energy Star" package, is an outstanding energy performer. If you step up to the "Energy Star" package, you'll get even better energy performance but still have a sleek double paned window. If you really want the lowest energy bills, the "Most Efficient" option is a Triple Pane work horse. All three options come with a long list of standard features.

If you're still reading after all this; it should be pretty clear that the team at Window Wire, eats, sleeps, and lives replacement windows... so naturally we're the life of any party. Thank you for reading and we certainly appreciate your business.